Interesting Facts About Texas

Name:        From "tejas" - Indian word meaning "friendly"
Motto:        Friendship
Nickname:  Lone Star State
Bird:           Mockingbird
Tree:          Pecan
Flower:      Blue bonnet
Dish:          Chili
Song:          "Texas, Our Texas"
Capital:       Austin
Population:  18.7 Million
Mountains:  Texas has 91 mountains a mile or more high, all of them in the Trans-Pecos region.
Highest Point: 8,751 feet Guadalupe Peak
Lowest Point: Sea Level, Gulf of Mexico
Lakes:  Texas, second only to Alaska in volume of inland water, has more than 6,000 square miles of lakes and streams.
Area:    Texas contains 267,339 square miles - large enough to accommodate 15 of the 50 states within its borders and still have 14,000 square miles left over! Texas extends 801 straightline miles from north to south and 773 miles from east to west. Brewser, in West Texas, is the largest of the state's 254 counties with 6,204  square miles, an area larger than the State of Connecticut, The smallest county is Rockwall in North Centeral Texas, with 147 square miles.
Time Zone: Central Time Zone, except for West Texas (El Paso Area), Mountain Time Zone