Magnet programs and Vanguard/SIGHTS (for gifted students) offer enrichment instruction in specialty areas such as the arts, math, science, adn physical development.

Elementary Schools
Fine arts: longfellow, Lovett, Parker, Poe, Roberts
Math, Sciene, Technology: Red West University
Extended Instructional Day: Lovett, Roberts
Academy (science, computer lab, life sports, academics): Horn
Foreign Languages and Cultures: Kolter
Vanguard (Gifted/Talented): Askew, Herod, Oak Forest, River Oaks, T.H. Rodgers
Middle Schools
Fine Arts: Johnston, Pershing, Welch
Math and Science: Clifton, Revere
Vanguard (Gifted and Talented): Lanier, T.H. Rodgers
High Schools
Aviation Sciences: Sterling
Business Administration: Lamar
Careers:  Jordan
Classical Humanities: Lee
Coalition of Essentrial Schools: Westbury
Communications: Yates
Computer Technology: Reagan
Engineering Profession: Washington
Foreign Languages: Bellaire
Health Profession: DeBakey
Hotel & Restaurant Management: Davis
International Studies: Furr
Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice: HSLECJ
Leadership Academy: Sharpstown
Math, Science, & Technology: Worthing
Meteorology & Space Sciences: Madison
Science Institute: Milby
Music & Fine Arts: Kashmere
Performing & Visual Arts: High School for Performing and Visual Arts
Research & Technology: Waltrip
Teaching Professions: Austin
Vanguard (Gifted & Talented): Jones