The importance of education to Houstonians is reflected by population figures that show that more than 28 percent of adults have completed four years of college, compared with a national average of just over 20 percent. More than 200,000 students attend Houston-area colleges and universities, supplying local businesses with qualified graduates. A number of these graduates take advantage of cooperative ventures with local businesses in order to get customized on-or-off site training in order to reduce costs.


Area School Districts

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The Harris County area includes 24 school districts that offer quality public education in many incorporated and unincorporated communities. While each district operates by the same state mandate, there is variety in the different districts. Many of the suburban and rural districts offer agricultural programs while others have increased their offerings in vocational education and college prep.
Many services are programs are offered by the region's school districts.
   Homebound: Teachers in more than 24 local school districts work with homebound students, many who are to ill to attend school and instruction, contact HISD at 713-892-6390 or the administration office of the school district in which you plan to live.
   Multilingual Programs offer bilingual instruction and English as a second language. Most Houston-area school districts offer these programs.
   Gifted Education programs for students identified with exceptional ability or the potential for exceptional ability are offered in most Houston-area school districts. Among these are HISD's Vanguard and SIGHTS programs and Katy ISD's Challenge program. Magnet Schools provide programs whose quality and special focus will attract pupils to them voluntarily and increase the percentage of pupils attending integrated schools while decreasing the number of one-race schools. In addition to a strong basic academic program, students and parents throughout HISD may choose from magnet schools that offer a variety programs such as fine arts, extended day, math/science, and Montessori. For more information, call the HISD Campus Enrichment Bureau at 713-892-6262.
    Several districts offer a range of career development including aviation sciences, business administration, computer technology, communications, engineering, foreign languages, health professions, hospitality and travel careers, law enforcement and criminal justices, performing and visual arts and teaching professions, among many others. Students must qualify for each of these programs. For information, call the information services department of HISD at 713-892-6390.
   Vocational instruction and job-related experience is offered by most districts in such areas as culinary arts, merchandising, office education and automotive mechanics.
   Handicapped students are provided instructional and related services according t individual programs developed for them.

Public School Statutes

Most schools in Houston are organized in three levels:

       *  Pre-K through 5th grade

       *  Sixth grade through 8th grade
       *  Ninth grade through 12th grade

Instruction at all levels is largely regulated by state requirements. Students are promoted from grade to grade according to the knowledge they master and their retention of it. In Houston, generally, numerical grades are used to evaluate a student's performance. The grading system, according to state mandate:

A+ at 98 A  at 95 A- at 91
B+ at 88 B at 85 B- at 81
C+ at 79 C at 77 C- at 75
D+ at 74 D at 72 D- at 70

and F at 69 and below.

Child Care  
Finding a quality facility or day care home that meets your expectations may require a lot of careful research, but there are many different child care choices available in Houston including home-based care, day care centers, kindergartens, nursery schools and drop-in care centers.