Houston is the Southwest's leading academic center. Five major universities and a well-respected community college system meet the needs of all students whether they are just out of high school or re-entering the academic world. Degrees in all areas are offered including specialized courses of study for medicine, law and MBA programs Over 230,000 students attend Houston's colleges and universities which include such recognized institutions of academic excellence as Rice University, the University of Houston and Baylor College of Medicine. Houston's community colleges provide a wide range of vocational and technical training as well as academic courses designed fro transfer to four-year institutions.
Houston's community colleges and technical schools feature career-oriented programs for skilled and semi-skilled occupations as well as instruction which provides additional training to increase and improve current job performance. Many programs are developed in cooperation with local corporations creating a vital link between students and the business world.
Most of Houston's colleges and universities offer continuing education through adult evening classes for individual enrichment or career advancement. Classes are generally short-term, low-cost, and cover a wide range of subjects.